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Conventional real estate investing typically requires a significant amount of effort. However, at MUSA, we’ve crafted a streamlined investment process to guarantee you enjoy all the advantages without the complexities of managing individual real estate.

Rest easy, knowing your money is in capable hands, working diligently for you.

What We Do For You

Syndication offers passive investment with reliable returns.

If you want to establish a strong financial foundation, retire early, and ensure your children’s future – real estate is the investment for you.

The difficulty is that real estate investment is complex. Aside from your initial investment, residence ownership entails wide-ranging responsibility – even when employing professional property management services. This is where MUSA can help.

We offer passive investment  through real estate syndication. You reap all the benefits of owning real estate without the complexity of finding a worthy investment, or the difficulty of owning real estate.

Investment with ease and confidence.

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  • Being a busy medical professional, I was seeking a reliable and hands-off investment strategy to grow my wealth. Discovering this real estate investment platform has been a game-changer for me. The expert guidance and diverse opportunities have allowed me to passively build a robust portfolio while I focus on my medical practice. The transparency, professionalism, and results speak volumes. Highly recommended for fellow professionals looking to secure their financial future.

    Dr. Emily Rodriguez
    Heart Surgeon
Get to Know Us

Meet the founders.

Meet Peyman Khazan, the Co-founder and Event Organizer at our cutting-edge real estate investment platform. With a background deeply rooted in business development and event organization, Peyman brings a unique blend of strategic vision and meticulous execution to our platform.

Alongside him is Shaun Melamed, our Co-founder and Financial Analyst, who boasts extensive experience as a long-time real estate investor. Shaun’s proficiency in financial analysis and keen insights make him an invaluable asset, steering our investors toward intelligent and lucrative opportunities in the dynamic world of real estate. Together, they lead our team with a commitment to revolutionize real estate investment, making wealth-building accessible and efficient for all.

MUSA founders standing side by side.
Our Investment Strategy

Multi-family Syndication

Real estate syndications and crowdfunding represent a collaborative approach to investment, allowing individuals to pool their resources rather than undertaking real estate ventures independently. In these collective efforts, capital from hundreds or even thousands of investors is combined to jointly invest in commercial real estate assets.

At MUSA Investments and similar ventures, a dedicated sponsor team spearheads each real estate syndication offering. This experienced team takes charge of the day-to-day management and operations of the asset on behalf of the investors, alleviating the need for hands-on management.

Unlike real estate investment trusts (REITs), which often mirror the stock market, individual syndications operate independently, each investing in a specific asset with its tailored business plan.

Through real estate syndications, investors gain access to the myriad benefits of real estate investment without the time-intensive responsibilities associated with being a landlord. These advantages include:

Cash Flow

Enjoy effortless cash flow, ensuring a stream of truly passive income without the burden of the responsibilities of direct property ownership.

Tax Advantages

We leverage accelerated depreciation and cost segregation to ensure you reap substantial tax benefits.


Unlock the potential for appreciation by investing in value-add assets in burgeoning markets. Our strategic approach ensures you reap the rewards, maximizing your returns in the process.


In the realm of multi-family real estate, rental income not only covers debts and expenses but actively contributes to building equity, with tenants playing a pivotal role in your financial growth.

This approach allows you to grow and diversify your real estate portfolio seamlessly, without adding significant time commitments or detracting from your family and personal priorities. While many private syndications are typically available to accredited investors, we also provide special real estate crowdfunding opportunities tailored for non-accredited investors.

explore our

Current Investment Opportunities

Ready to transform your money into a source of passive income and forge a legacy of wealth for your family? You’ve found the right team. Explore details about properties currently open for investment below.

  • MUSA has not only met but exceeded my expectations with their real estate syndications. The strategic planning and risk management have translated into substantial returns, showcasing the power of intelligent financial choices for building wealth.

    Owen Turner
    Associate Professor of Economics
  • In the realm of finance law, precision is key, and MUSA has proven to be a reliable choice for investors seeking substantial returns. Their real estate syndications adhere to legal compliance while delivering impressive and transparent results, making it a secure and profitable avenue for growing wealth.

    Brandon Mitchell
    Finance Lawyer
  • I’ve scrutinized various investment opportunities throughout my career. MUSA stands out for their meticulous approach to real estate syndications. The passive income streams and strategic asset selection have not only met but exceeded my expectations, making it an indispensable component of my diversified portfolio.

    Henry Yasuke
    Financial Analyst

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